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Hello there and welcome to my blog! My name is Kati. I was born in Texas and grew up in the deep South. I received my bachelors degree from Huntingdon College in 2012 in English and Communication Studies. After hustling for a couple of years to make ends meet I chose to go back to school. I completed my masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology from The University of Memphis in 2017. Upon graduating I accepted a job at a pediatric clinic working mostly in early intervention and with preschool age children. I have continued to write even as I have pursued my career as a speech-language pathologist and it remains one of my true passions.

I married my husband in 2014 and we have two fur babies:  a cat named Bo, and our recent addition, Shadow, a lab/collie mix. I love cooking, staying active, and learning. On this blog you’ll find a variety of topics ranging from personal anecdotes from my life and career to informative pieces on current events, and fun trends. Thank you so much for visiting “Listed.” I would love to hear from you through comments or by email at kati.conners@gmail.com.